[weekend 10]

Weekend 10 is made up of 5 things I am really anticipating for the weekend, and 5 for which I am not so eager.

Most looking forward to this weekend:

1. Seeing pictures of our friends' new baby boy! Just found out they are having him today and I am on pins & needles. They live a whole bunch of states away and we miss them.
2. Painting [finally] our hallway. We've had a nice soothing grey color picked out for awhile now. It's called "notre dame" and I am nothing if not a sucker for meaningful paint names.

swatch via

3. Finishing some organization projects that we started NYE weekend. Unfortunately, i am also nothing if not a procrastinator.
4. Getting inventory count underway at the store
5. Sunday mass

Least looking forward to:
1. Sticking to our new healthier eating habits
2. The cloudy weather with NO snow. I can usually get into a nice grey funk if I let myself. I really and truly enjoy snow, and I don't mind the long dark days of winter, but I just can't abide continuous overcast with no sun OR snow.
3. Worrying if my daughter has a stomach bug
4. Counting inventory!
5. Laundry. It haunts my dreams.

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