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Two weeks in a row I am late saying "hello" to Monday. Is procrastination ever a virtue? I cop to a lot of bad habits, not the least of which is being chronically late for almost everything. Being the right-brainer I am, I have read thousands of words about procrastination, on the whys, hows, wherefores, coping strategies, and so on. The nastier explanations - that running late conveys a sense of entitlement and an "I'm more important than you" vibe - don't ring true to me or most procrastinators I know. Ah well; more navel-gazing at a later date.

Hello grey, snowy, slushy, freezing Monday. Another week, another snow day. My school-age girl is getting used to the idea of snow days alarmingly fast. I used to love snow days too, but I had the benefit of actually staying home rather than going to daycare. In the best of all worlds, my girl would rather be home playing with Squinkies than doing just about anything else. (Have you seen those things? Why, oh why, didn't I think of that??)

Hello amaretto lattes. I need a fancy coffeemaker so I can learn how to do these at home. (I wish this were my cup! Who wouldn't love to see this cute little face in their mug?)

Hello getting excited for our Chicago trip! I want to make the most of it since my handsome husband and I hardly ever get a weekend away, never mind a whole weekend away that's just the two of us!

Hello Downton Abbey! Wow. I missed the boat on Season 1, but I am streaming Season 2 episodes via PBS and I love it. I have no illusions; had I lived in late 19th century or early 20th century England, chances are good that I would be a schoolteacher or nanny instead of a lawyer, but I can't help myself. I am fascinated, so much that my next reading challenge is to tie in to the works of Edith Wharton. (By the way, for a taste of her terrific writing, read the short story "The Fulness of Life" here.)

Hello stacks of paperwork. Running your own business can be challenging no matter what, but it's really no fun to go through first-year growing pains. It seems impossible that our little shop is less than a year old. It is, in so many ways, like having a newborn. You eagerly anticipate its arrival, but nothing can really prepare you for the sleepless nights, the unexpected necessities and purchases that come along with it, the weight of responsibility for this new life. Some days you sit back and stare at it in wonder, and you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

What are you saying hello to today? Linking to Lisa Leonard here!

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