[chihuahua! cahm 'ere!]

that's the... enthusiastic sound of my down-the-street neighbor calling her dogs in. this little trio i passed on my walk to "work" this morning goes bat-crazy when anyone walks by. why are the cutest little lap dogs also the noisiest and highest-volume?
Linki love the historic buildings in my town. i can close my eyes and almost imagine these streets filled as in the 1890s; the ladies wore Gibson Girl pompadours and leg o'mutton sleeved dresses, and the well-heeled gents looked dapper in knee-length topcoats and pearl gray top hats. i'm nothing if not a romantic, but i have to say it wouldn't be worth going back in time just for the sake of well-tailored fashion. victorian life could be freaky. if you want to be really creeped out, check out this gallery of memento mori. (skip the comments though; how a thread can progress from "wow, that's weird and cool!" to calling someone an ignorant racist, i will never know.)

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