It has been unbelievably windy here the past few days. Great for Halloween! I find gray and windy weather very cozy and I'm most productive when fall hits.

I finished some curtains for my girls' room. I "invested" (ahem) in a Pottery Barn Kids panel, green with mini white polka dots, complete with blackout lining, but darnit if it wasn't about 6 inches not wide enough to completely cover the window. I didn't want to "invest" in another panel, so I broke out the sewing machine and improvised. Amazing what a white $4 bedsheet and some cute ribbon can do. I ended up making a panel to go on either side of the PBK panel and it turned out very well. I still need to get some drapery clips to make it easier to slide the curtains open and closed.

I have scoured the Internet for kids' rooms to see what is on trend. Pink and green is still a hot combo for girls' rooms. It seems like boys rooms are just as thought out, although less "done" than girl rooms.