[hello monday]

hello new year!

hello first real snow of the season [unusual for northwest michigan...]

hello clean white world outside my door and fresh starts

hello winter boots, warm scarves, and scraping off cars - too bad we only have a one-car garage. i'm thankful for my husband who always lets me use it and never complains.

hello split-pea soup, hot coffee, and oatmeal made on the stove. warm comfort foods that are still healthy - we need them!

hello counting one thousand of my blessings with the help of this amazing book - starting a gratitude journal has been eye-opening.

hello word of the year: [faithful]

i'm closing up shop early today to enjoy the last few hours of winter vacation with my girls, making snowman salt dough ornaments, and taking down the few christmas decorations we put up this year.

what are you saying hello to today?

linking up with lisa leonard here!

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