[tuesday view]

i set out to walk to the shop today, when who should drive by to give me a lift but my husband. nice, but i plan to walk to "work"* at least 4 days a week. considering we're open 7 days, that shouldn't be too difficult. i will be posting a picture of my daily walk to keep me accountable (kind of like lindsey's what i wore wednesday, but more nature and less outfits). i need the exercise and love how the cold fresh air invigorates. it will also be really neat to see how the same shots change over the course of the year.

since this morning's good intentions were foibled by my handsome chauffeur, i'm posting some views from inside the shop.

still have the christmas window display up!

this doesn't capture the beautiful snow globe-like flakes, but they are gorgeous and look a lot thicker in person!

* i can't bring myself to call it work (it's too fun), so instead i call it "work"

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