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I'm needing a little inspiration in my professional life right now, so I decided to turn back to this blog. I think by fueling my right brain, I will somehow feed my left. Here goes. I have some not-so-crazy goals for my right brain life (read that as passion with a secret hope that it someday turns into a self-sustaining endeavor such that I can go at it full time... what, you too?). A biggie is to sell some of my artwork. Er, that is, create some artwork and then put it out there for others to enjoy, and hopefully to sell. The local farmer's market is starting up this weekend. About 6 weeks ago it seemed eons away. Now the only way I'll be able to participate is if I stay up all of Friday night to do some paintings to sell. I really don't want to start out like that, so I think I will shoot for next weekend. I also am planning to get my Etsy shop up and running again soon, and this time around be much more thoughtful about it. That's really what I have in mind for my right brain life: being more thoughtful and purposeful.

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